The Suburban Adventure Club is a professionally run social events club for both singles and couples. S.A.C.'s participants generally range in age from their late 30s through 40s, 50s and 60s. We pride ourselves on providing an extremely wide variety of professionally run activities in a friendly, fun, and relaxed atmosphere. We are a club filled with people looking for friends, fun and adventure! We currently are running an average of 3 events per month.

We no longer publish a monthly newsletter. Our most current listing of events is provided via e-mail, usually every two weeks or so. Please e-mail Meg Bond to receive the e-mail listings:

To get involved: 1) Select events you'd like to participate in; 2) Call or e-mail to make your reservations and confirm availability; 3) Send payments due; 4) Show up & have fun!

There is no longer a membership fee for S.A.C. We are open to anyone over the age of 21 (some events are kid-friendly - please inquire!). However, we reserve the right to deny attendance if someone is determined to not be a "good fit" for our group, or if they are causing others to be uncomfortable and/or not enjoy the activities for any reason.



DEPOSITS on all overnight trips are refundable up until the Balance Due deadline, less a 10% total cost of trip cancellation fee - with a $10 minimum. Any exceptions will be noted.

Payments on all events, including trips, are nonrefundable after the Balance Due deadline. After that time any monies paid are forfeited.

If signing up for an event after the Balance Due deadline, full payment will be due immediately and is nonrefundable.

If cancelling after the Balance Due deadline, and someone is found to take your place, after the event has sold out, refunds will be made, less a $5 service charge on day events, and less a 10% total cost of trip cancellation fee for overnight trips, with a $10 minimum charge.


"NO SHOW" for an event

with a confirmed reservation:

If you have made a reservation for an event and you do not show up, refunds will not be given.

If you had confirmed/guaranteed your reservation but had not yet paid for the event, payment will still be due.



All checks returned by the bank are subject to a $20 processing fee to cover bank processing charges. You may also lose any reservations that were to be made with that check.



Suburban Adventure Club


P.O. Box 862, Reading, MA 01867

Pay for all events with one check and mail with reservation form.


S.A.C. now accepts Master Card, VISA, and Discover. Whether by mail, e-mail or phone, be sure to provide all information necessary, including the Security Code (last three digits in the signature strip on the back of the card) and your billing address (most likely your home address) including zip code.

BY E-MAIL: You may e-mail your information if you feel comfortable with this option.

BY MAIL: Fill out the Authorization Form on the Reservation Form, printed from our web site, or mail your information with a note as to which event(s) you are paying for.

BY PHONE: All information may be left on our voice mail, which is secure - or leave a message and we'll call you back to take your information live.

If all information is not completed, the charge will not be made to your card, and reservations for events will not be held.

NOTE: If you cancel on a charged event any portion of your payment that is refundable will be refunded by check from S.A.C.

All cancellation policies will be applied. (See information on Adventure Accounts and our Cancellation Policy on this page.)


All payments for events will be due on specified days throughout the month. A space will be held upon request, pending payment, until the payment due deadline (or until the event sells out, whichever comes first). If payment is not received by the deadline, the space will be released, unless we have spoken and have an agreement to otherwise hold your space. All cancellation policies will apply.


When you sign up for an event, you must be prepared for the fact that it may be switched to the "rain" date because of inclement weather. Please keep both dates on your calendar free.

When a rain date is listed for an event, and the event must be moved to that date, refunds will not be given if you cannot make the event, unless you are able to find someone to fill your space. If you've signed up for an event which falls on the rain date of another event, refunds will be given for whichever event you decide to cancel out of, but not for both.


Outside New England and the Suburban Adventure Club are working together to offer you even more events to choose from! O.N.E. is an outdoor adventure club focusing primarily on hiking trips, other outdoor activities such as kayaking and biking, and BIG adventures both across the country and abroad. Occasional day trips and activities are often run in conjunction with S.A.C.


For more information on Outside New England, contact Jane Teixeira: 1-888-228-3059 (toll free) or 401-253-9039

P.O. Box 828, Bristol, RI 02809